In Lebanon, food is an essential part of all family and social gatherings, with bold flavors, colorful vegetables, and vibrant proteins fresh from the marketplace.

Prepared simply and with passion, our cold and hot mezze, various grilled meats, kebabs, fresh seafood, and creative homemade desserts offer something for everyone, including an abundance of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Black Ink Dots

The Food

At Amar, small plates are meant to be shared, and we encourage you to soak up the aromatic spices and herbs of the Mediterranean and the Levantine coast with our handmade pita bread baked fresh in our wood-burning oven.

The Experience

Inspired by the creative souls who embrace old cultures and new experiences, our cozy space is the perfect mix between rustic and refined, the nostalgic and modern. Owners Nicolas and Susanna Kurban and their attentive staff invite you to linger over a meal and experience their genuine hospitality.


522 E Atlantic Ave. Delray, FL 33483
Reservations: 561-865-5653
Takeout: 561-865-7414


Everyday: 5pm to 10pm

Black Ink Dots
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